Cantilever Racks

Cantilever Racks can be produced in any size by Aiast. The cantilever racks for steel are made from the small shielded racks for the airplanes, vehicles to the full size of the racks. Aiast is the best to provide the best range of heavy duty racking systems.

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Product Description

Aiast has earned its name to provide industrial items, and cantilever racks are the best that is designed by using our total workforce.
– All the racks are easy to install.
– They are ideal for pipe, storing furniture, lumber, tubing, and other applications.
– They provide easy accessibility to a full load of anything.
– They are modular for uprights and braces for storage.

– They can be disassembled and all parts of those can be reused. You can change the
structure of the cantilever racks and use them as heavily duty racking system.
– They are available in a wide range of size, construction system, and floor types.

Product Features

  • Suitable for forklift and crane handling.
  • Ground guidance can be provided as an option.
  • The column and foot are welded or bolted together.
  • The cantilever racks can be used single or double-sided.
  • Column heights of up to 9 meter, perforated every 100mm (or 50mm optional)
  • The beams are bolted and adjustable per 100mm, corresponding with the sizes of the stored goods.

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