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Aggarwal Iron & Sheet Traders as one of the best cable tray manufacturers. We offer the best, and various range of the cable tray accessories. Consider the different cable tray ladder types inclusive of the perforated type and ladder type.

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Product Description

As one of the leading cable tray manufacturers, suppliers of cable trays system with the associated accessories. These cable trays are available in several types. They are easily get spread heat, corrode and erode as well. All the range is acknowledged for the ease of usage, corrosion resistance, and excellent performance.

Cable Tray Ladder Type
For the heavy-duty, the trays are suited to inside-outside installation. It provides continuous support to the cables. They are ideal for locations where the metallic systems.

– Cable Tray Perforated Type
Check the automated heavy-duty perforated type cable tray for the good replacement of that support.

Product Features


Painted, Powder Coated, Galvanized


50mm to 500mm


14swg to 16swg

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