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Aiast Is One Of The Biggest Storage System Manufacturers In Delhi!

Slotted angle racks are the recyclable essence strips that are used to make shelves, frames, outfit holders, or other workstations. They generally used to resolve the storehouse conditions of multiple storages, shops, and other artificial sectors by one of the biggest industrial rack manufacturers, Aiast.From the storehouse of stacks of feather-light outfits or heavyweight millions, slotted angles racks give a simple storing result to nearly all the artificial sectors.

The stylish part about these shelves is that they can fluently be disassembled and reassembled as per
the artificial demand. Thus, you can modify the racks or refurbish the height of tables as per your faltering conditions.

Best Selling Products!

We Manufacture lots of iron and steel products but have the best selling products that attract customers more.

Slotted Angle Racks- Aiast, Storage System Manufacturers Delhi, is one of the leading slotted angle racks manufacturers and suppliers. We trade in the manufacturing of distinct types of racking systems. By furnishing the guests with transparent and dependable services, we’ve developed a trust among them. Our Slotted angle racks Delhi system are known for their high performance and quality.

Medium Duty RacksA Medium Duty rack system is a cost-effective result to rightly use the accessible spaces and to have immediate access to all stored goods. The medium-duty rack system is proper for small and medium-sized goods ranging from 500kgs to 1400kgs grounded on the number of shelves used.

Heavy Duty Pallet Racks Heavy duty Pallet racking systems are streamlined and effective, with technologies that make the stylish use of storehouses while guarding wares against damage.

Two/Three Tier Racking System- Two/three-tier Storage Rack can be the perfect addition where it helps to arrange and organize every element at its place and help you run the storehouse hassle-free. Aiast is one of the leading Industrial Racks Manufacturers Delhi services.

We Are The Best Warehouse System Manufacturers!

Steel Angled Racks- Aiast provides the best quality steel angles rack systems.

Sheet Metal Components- These sheets are made of high-quality metal to take heavyweights

Workers Lockers- For security, safety, and privacy, Aiast Storage System are the best

Affordale Products!

Cable Trays Accessories Cable trays are one artery you can arrange and endorse for your cables

Cantilever Racks The cantilever racking system is rather easy to install and reconfigure. Used for heavy loading.

Hanging Racks You can hang your racks to use your space wisely.

Heavy Duty Pallet RacksPallet racking systems are streamlined and effective, with technologies that make the stylish use of storehouses while guarding wares against damage.

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